Sitemap - 2021 - The Matt Jankowski Club

The least predictable emotion came from the most predictable demolition

When the armada gets lost in the fog, some of the fog gets enlightened by the armada

A list of every science fiction film which accurately predicted a future innovation that came to be a real thing in the actual non-fictional world

A simple solution to a complex issue

There was a whole jumble of fruit seeds contained in the fruit seed jar

A commemorative stamp to commemorate the first time a commemorative stamp was issued

You could twist around the entire exterior surface, but had to contort and blur your vision to even glimpse the inside

The pattern was totally full of static, but when we looked deeper into the static we found it was utterly full of pattern as well

A missing reference error can cause you days of trouble

The acrobatics in question required a relatively low level of flexibility, but a relatively high level of bravado

You can plan for the vacation of your dreams but you only get to experience the vacation of your reality

The memories grew stronger even as the impact faded to dust

The ticker-tape parade ran out of ticker-tape before the Grand Marshall arrived at the judging table

Exclusive offer for platinum elite tier subscribers only

The grumpiest farmer still has to pull as many weeds as the happiest farmer

Rolling your own cloud based storage could be an excellent way out of this jam

The brand new video game is rentable to play on your TV and within it nothing is super easy but nothing is super hard either

Your tiniest ideas blossomed into huge ambitions, but your biggest dreams were crushed into pointless daydreams

The ramifications of the decision were felt for years afterwards

Mint flavored iced tea was unnecessary but now that it's here I guess if you like it go ahead and have some

You must rely substantially on the content of other human minds

The attack was coming from all sides, from every direction, from inside and outside, from within your own timeless soul

Click here to be entered into a drawing to win all of the bitcoin mined by the person you most admire in the world

A brand new pair of jeans shipping in a really fancy cardboard box

You can return your purchase for store credit but not actual cash

Last minute deals on 85 inch TVs just in time for THE BIG GAME

If you get away they might come after you

The API was never upgraded to version two

These ribs are gonna need a few more hours in this smoke house

Extracting every last seed before you eat the fruit

The discussion turned to other ways you could have gotten here