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Sometimes a person will refer to their spouse or dating person as their “partner in crime”. The implication here I suspect is that they are becoming involved in capers together, or going through some sort of other trials throughout life and doing so together.

I feel like unless you are committing actual crimes with your spouse you should not use this phrasing. Some day you might commit an actual crime and then when the feds track you down they’ll be like “look at this instagram post from 2016 where you referred to him as your partner in crime! obviously you are both guilty!” and they’ll just totally have you nailed. You won’t be able to talk your way out of that one.

On the other hand, if you genuinely are committing crimes with your spouse … maybe don’t announce that publicly? If you recall that episode of The Wire where that random drug gang guy is taking notes in their meeting and Stringer Bell had to reprimand him to not take notes during a meeting of a conspiracy … that was good advice!

If people had tails they’d walk down the street together holding tails instead of hands

A lot of YouTube channels and other short-to-medium length video content are in the form of explainers about things, or like a “how to” sort of thing about some topic which has at least a little variety to it. For example, you could make a “how to make coffee” or “how to fix your basement” channel, and there’d be like dozens of first and second order topics there for you to cover. There are a lot of ways to make coffee, and there are going to be a lot of sub-projects and mini-projects tucked away in any basement updating project.

I’d like to see more people pick topics that are a lot more constrained and see how many unique episodes they can make. For example a “how to button your shirt” channel or a “how to mail a letter” channel or something like that seems like it could really provide a nice constraint to operate within while trying to hit on some bigger ideas.

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Here’s a free superpower you can easily grant yourself if you’re nervous or scared about doing something new or having a hard conversation or whatever … ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen here?”

For many many situations (but not all!) the answer is usually something like “it would be sort of embarrassing for two minutes than I’d completely move on and everything would be fine”. Once you realize this it becomes a lot easier to do a lot more things.