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Because they've made promises to make and keep their money, many large American corporations keep some of their cash in other countries, where it will be subject to different tax treatment. If you look at the world with one lens, you'll call this "taking advantage of tax loopholes" or something like that which implies cheating, and if you use another lens you'll describe it as "following the tax code", because in most of these cases they are doing something which is legal and minimizes their tax obligations.

The act of bringing the cash back to the country in which the company is incorporated is called "Repatriation", and occasionally people will call for a "repatriation tax holiday" or similar, which would be a one-off reduction in tax due on money brought back into the country, with the specific goal of getting some of these corporations to bring their money back.

That's all good and well, but I've been stuck on how this phrase can be used as a euphemism. I'm sure that somewhere in our country there's a young couple at a law school or business school and they're flirting with each other, and one of them is like "want to come back to my place and repatriate my funds?" Or maybe there's a group of ladies getting their MBAs in a bar and they see a cute guy and one of them is like "I'd let him take me on a tax holiday!" or whatever.

I hope this is happening, and I hope the looks they are getting back are sort of a mix of amusement and confusion. I'd be really disappointed if attempts to use this phrase as a euphemism are falling on unappreciative ears.