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How to train your wagon

It is often observed that "good artists copy; great artists steal", and this quote apparently comes from a lineage of variations of quotes about poets and painters where the general spirit of it is to indicate that mimicry and imitation are great learning tools for "good" artists, but that when an artist becomes fully mature in their craft that they will do wholesale rip-offs of work they find, and maybe make something better, and that that's super fun to do!

It makes you wonder though ... let's say a great artist steals a bunch of stuff and incorporates it into a new work of art and that by virtue of them being a great artist, we presumably consider the new work of art that they created to also be great. If a good artist then does an excellent job of copying this great art, do they inherit it's greatness via some sort of greatness transferring properties, or do they get demoted to merely good, even though they are basically the same thing?

It's hard to believe that the answer to this question is important, yet here we are, considering it.

Collecting glass bottles for fun and profit

If you had asked me when I was like 12 years old how many times in a given month I would have to say something like "Increase to full power! Ramming speed!" I probably would have guessed a number higher than the reality, which is typically right around zero times per month. I guess it's a little disappointing that I don't get to say that, but finding yourself in a situation in which you have to accelerate to ramming speed probably means that you are in danger, so maybe that's for the best and even though I'm having fewer adventures I'm living in a safer fashion.

Incidentally, in a discussion about whether "ramming speed" is really a thing or not, a purported naval warfare expert on the internet claims that "The correct term is "Flank Speed" but in an informal situation, "Ramming Speed" may have been used to imply that all available speed is needed as soon as possible" ... so how about that.