We've named so many things after the greek gods

The triple trouble looks for a double bubble

I don't really care for the practice of separate labeled areas for paper, plastic, glass, bottles, cans and so on that show up on public receptacles for things you can recycle. I'd much prefer that you just have a thing called "trash" and a thing called "recycling", and that the person on the other end of the system sort things out.

There's definitely some process that's going on wherever the materials are received anyway, so why not just delegate the separating items step to that place as well?

Even worse than the bins that have separate labeled sections are the bins that have separate labeled holes ... but all the holes are just entrances to what is one big bag in a barrel. Whoever thought of that is some sort of sinister genius.

Works great in coffee shops too

In a scenario where you are out in public and you see someone from behind and you think they might be your man friend or lady friend or maybe that girl you dated that one time in college or maybe a former high school lacrosse teammate or something - there's a tendency to be a little conservative with your approach, lest you go up and hug them from behind only to have grabbed a stranger in error.

I think this instinct is wrong, and you should just go for it, and embrace people you see. Worst case maybe someone slaps you or punches you, but that seems unlikely. They're probably more likely to just sort of jump back with surprise, and you can then explain the error in your ways, and then for the rest of the day you'll be all up in their head, because they'll be wondering if they merely look like whoever your acquaintance is, or if they also think and act like them too.

Even when you stubbed a toe?

When people who have accomplished incredible things or obtained some notoriety are interviewed about their lives, they'll often say something like "yeah, and that one time when the thing happened, that's what really put me on the track to get to where I am today".

That's true for everyone else too, and it's also true about the small things that don't matter as much as the big things.

I'm sure they are doing important things

The sounds made by actual police cars and fire trucks and other emergency vehicles in the United States are different from the corresponding sounds made by vehicles in action movies which take place in Europe. I assume there's some variety within Europe itself as you move between countries, but let's just accept the premise that there's a US/Europe gap here.

I've traveled to Europe only a handful of times and so every time I'm there and I hear a European-style siren going off, I have a mental connection to a car chase scene in a _Bourne_ movie or something like that. This leads me to believe that there's probably an incredible caper going on near me, when in reality it's probably just a cat stuck in a tree or something. On the flip side, I basically ignore sirens in the US, unless they are all circling in on me or something, and it's possible that sometimes those actually are in pursuit of a caper.

They probably gossip about that one cute waiter

I'm intrigued by groups of people doing sort of mundane tasks who give their groups nicknames. Like lets say there's a group of women in their 40s and 50s and they all work at a real estate brokerage in a small town and they decide to call themselves "the fab five". One night they decide to go out for some wine and cheese at that fancy new place on Main Street, and one of their husbands asks what they're up to and they say like "Oh just me and the girls having fun" and the husband is like "alright tell the fab five I said hi!"

My initial reaction to this is one of incredulity and cynicism, because it's sort of insane to give your group a nickname when you're not fighting crimes, and "the fab five" was the name of the 1991 men's basketball team at the University of Michigan. In that mood, I'm disturbed by what they are doing, and I don't like the attempted escalation of status they're trying to pull off with the cutesy name.

Then on the other hand, they don't know about the damn NCAA, and they're a great group of friends, and this is probably enjoyable for them, and no one is really getting hurt here, so why the hell do I care what they call themselves? I'm probably doing something as stupid somewhere in my life that they'd be just as dismissive of, and rightfully so from their perspective.