We need to employ an even newer strategy on this initiative

I'm probably not a super-taster

I'm simultaneously envious of and frustrated with the people who say things like "Oh, lets get some pizza! Have you ever tried the pizza at Alberts?! We have to go to Alberts! It's the best pizza. They make the best pizza! The best!"

I'm frustrated by these people because this claim is both very subjective and essentially impossible to prove. The gap in quality between awful pizza and good pizza is recognizable, but once you hit a certain threshold things start to operate in the "ok, you have managed to not horribly screw up this pizza" zone, and any improvements beyond that are very marginal and not so noticeable as to deem someone's pizza "the best". Even slight inconsistency between same-store prepared pizzas in between visits makes the idea hard to entertain.

I will not acknowledge even the potential legitimacy of a claim like that, let alone an actual specific claim, and I'm sort of dismissive of people who appear to genuinely believe there could be a pizza which was the best out of all pizzas.

On the other hand, there is a certain passion and fever for life that one must have to go around making claims about pizza or other things being "the best", and I will reluctantly admit that I admire that aspect of the people saying these things, even while I dismiss the accuracy of their claims.

A small homework assignment

I'd like you to spend a few moments right now listening to the first 15 seconds of the song "Ch-Check It Out" by the Beastie Boys. You will then get that music stuck in your head, and then every time you start walking up a flight of stairs for the next few days this song is going to start playing and it's going to inspire you to conquer those stairs with a little more gusto than you might otherwise have.

What about just one last job?

When you leave your job and resign from a position with your employer, you should make a point of turning in your badge and gun by putting on the desk of your direct supervisor as you ask that they accept your resignation.

Since most of us don't work in law enforcement, this will really freak out your boss and make them think they must have missed something that might explain why you had a badge and gun. They'll probably offer you a stronger severance package as a result, in the hopes that you don't expose their lack of understanding to some other higher-up before you leave.

This holds true in all locales

If I encounter a fruit basket or fruit bowl with a bunch of fruit in it, and there's only one item of a certain type of fruit left, I start to suspect that it might be poisoned. Like, say I find a bowl with five apples and four bananas - I will confidently and quickly grab any of those items and start eating it. I feel no personal risk in doing so, and I trust both the taste and nutrition of whatever I grab.

Now, let's say I approach the same bowl but instead there are five apples and only one banana. Somewhere in the back of my head there's this gnawing feeling that someone might be trying to assassinate me via poisoned banana, and that they are trying to entice me into choosing the poisoned one by having it be the "last one" of it's kind remaining in the bowl, thereby increasing the chances that I select that fruit and thus ingest the poison.

The tragedy of the commons

After I finish washing my hands in a public bathroom, if I'm the only one in there, I will make a point of cleaning up the entire sink area with a paper towel. Usually there's a lot of water and soap and sometimes extra towels strewn about the area from prior use. It's probably not dirty, but it's also not tidy. No one likes seeing a stray puddle of handsoap or a splatter of water that was shaken off someone's hands.

If the bathroom has a locking door and is a solo use bathroom and I can swiftly and quickly clean the whole thing, I will do so. I will leave the sink and it's counter spotless, so that the next occupant probably believes it was just cleaned before they arrived. This holds true both at work, in restaurants, at coffee shops, etc.

If I'm in a very large bathroom like at a train station or something which does not have a locking door and which is occupied by many other people at the same time as me, I don't bother with any of this - I just wash my own hands and leave.