Their backyard is so big that they need to use two extension cords

Take the crosstown bus to the uptown bus

If there's one thing economists like to do, it's to estimate productivity losses and gains from various lifestyle changes. For example, let's say a group of people all ride on a bus that takes 60 minutes to get them to work. If a technology comes along which makes it more possible to do work from the bus, or makes the bus go faster, there will be a productivity increase. You can use the average rate they earn at work to calculate a dollar amount to assign to this increase (or decrease).

So if the city adds a diamond platinum super status gold busses-and-buddies commuting lane to the highway, and the bus starts using it, maybe the formerly 60 minute ride now only takes 40 minutes. If we assume that everyone chooses to leave for work at the same time (instead of applying their new 20 minutes towards more sleep or morning activities), we could multiply the number of bus riders times their rate of pay times 20 minutes per day times ~200 work days per year, and come up with an estimate on the dollar amount of productivity gains which came from making the bus go faster.

There are lots of assumptions built in here and it's more complicated than this, but that's sort of the spirit of things. One thing it would be fun to calculate the productivity losses for is the amount of time people spend not doing work because they are untangling the earbuds from their phones. This would get you a number which is the theoretical market opportunity to solve this problem by producing non-tangling headphones, but it would also be a huge waste of time because I think people would not replace that time with more work time.

Time to make the salad!

To consume many fruits, one must first peel the skin or remove the shell of the fruit. For example, pineapples, bananas, coconuts, avocados and melons all have outer surfaces which must be removed before eating them.

I like the idea of someone really going all-in with this, and insisting on remove the outer surface before they eat any fruit at all. Like if you were about to eat a bowl of blueberries, you would individually peel each and every blueberry before you ate them, and then just eat their innards.