The seats on the 50 yard line are generally more expensive

They're calling it the perfect storm

When someone makes a casual remark about the weather to you, a typical response would be to just note their remark, and then round it up or down in one direction or another. In this example, pretend your name is Kris and your friend Clive is telling you about the weather...

Clive: Hey, did you hear it's supposed to be pretty cold today? I think they're saying it won't get above freezing all day.
Kris: Yeah, I did hear that, and I heard it will be even worse tomorrow.
Clive: yeah, wow.

Pretty boring, right? Weather is sort of the ultimate small talk. The next time someone tells you about the weather, why don't you spice it up a little with a more passionate reaction?

Check it out...

Clive: Hey, did you hear it's supposed to be pretty cold today? I think they---

Isn't that a little more riveting?

I guess the crops would keep growing

As a professional internet person, I believe that "all the electricity just stops working" is one of the more severe career threats I face. Like, that would just be awful. It would be next to impossible to do computers and software and web apps as we know them in a world like that.

I guess I take some solace in the knowledge that if electricity were to suddenly stop working there would be many many things which would stop working and effectively all of society would collapse, probably pretty quickly. There might not even be enough time for the career impact issue to be the biggest problem.

Sure, but who is questioning the questioners

They say there are no stupid questions and that you shouldn't be afraid of asking questions and you should always try to learn new things. I think this is generally true.

There's a category of questions though where the mere act of you needing to ask the question also exposes your previous lack of having done something or knowing about something you should have known or have been pretending that you know.

It is probably damaging to your knowledge and understanding but helpful and self-preserving to your social status to just skip asking those questions. Tough stuff.

A thing I was led to believe would be more important

I thought there would be way more "hitting on" girls required of me as I traveled through life. Turns out there wasn't that much. Was I supposed to have done more of this? The number of sentences which I have said out loud in non-ironic fashion that start with like "Damn girl, you must have <something> because you just <something> <something>..." are quite limited. It might be zero. It's certainly under five.

On the other hand, the number of times I have proceeded through an internal monologue using sentences like that and then never actually said them out loud to anyone or in anyone's presence is pretty high.

Did someone order a choco-taco?

At the end of their respective cycles, most washings machine and dryers will emit a loud buzz or beep or something, to inform the household and the machine operator that the cycle is complete. This is a helpful prompting to go and gather one's clothing and continue your laundering procedures.

Instead of a buzz or beep, the machines in the basement of my house play sort of a short quick song. The tune they play is not totally dissimilar to the song an ice cream truck plays, and the part of the house they are in probably has the least insulation between our condo unit and our neighbors unit. It seems possible that every time my laundry is done, my neighbors start thinking about ice cream - but it would be sort of weird to go over and ask them to confirm.