I hope you enjoyed season one of The Matt Jankowski Club -- and rest assured that season two filming is well underway and going just great!

I'm busy here on set in the maldives (we're filming a pretty explosive car chase scene today), but I wanted to give you a little sneaky peeky into what's coming up in season two. Topics might include:

- Matt observes something unremarkable in a coffee shop, and tells you about it
- Matt is doing routine housework and self-documents his OCD tendencies for you
- Matt discovers what he believes is a somewhat novel play on words, and describes it in full detail
- Matt avoids making an overt political observation by twisting his story around until it obscures the real meaning a little bit
- Matt sees someone do something that doesn't quite sit right with him but also doesn't matter that much, and writes that down so you know about it

Season two is coming probably like right around the superbowl or thereabouts, so be ready!

Yours in victory,