Making a list of all the places you can grow crops

I'm not sure who the real winner is here

Ride-sharing services like Uber have a feature called "surge pricing". This is a concept where the price of a car ride will increase in response to demand. The more people that want to ride, the higher the price goes. The higher prices draw out more drivers to meet that demand. The fact that this happens in real-time is a great advance in fair allocation of scarce resources. Critics who are ignorant of economics and what fairness is will get mad about surge pricing, but you can safely ignore those people.

I'd love to see groups of college students take Uber car rides during rain storms with surge pricing in effect and also bring a six pack of Surge™ soda drinks with them into the car. They would call it "the surge challenge" or something like that and attempt to drink all of the sodas within the duration of one Uber car ride with Surge pricing in effect.

If the soda company was smart they'd get ahead of this curve and proactively market this game ... offering to "cover the surge" for anyone who could prove they completed the challenge.

Software might be our future

As a person who wants to not get hit by a car, it's sort of maddening to walk around and see the sheer volume of people texting while they drive. It's one thing at a stop light or slow moving bridge traffic, but I see this in normal street traffic all the time. Until self driving cars make everything better, I guess we'll have to put up with these jerks.

If there were fewer repercussions to doing so, I think I'd constantly throw my body in front of the cars with drivers who were texting, just to prove a point.

There's probably a safer way

When it comes to receiving the world's news, I don't need things to be sugar coated or watered down. I can handle the truth and that's what I want you to give me. I don't want a wool blanket pulled over my eyes, I just want to hear it like it is and get the real deal straight from the horses mouth. If I so much as catch someone trying to make me more comfortable by hiding the truth behind some polite flowers, I think less of them for having done so.

I doubt they even have a policy about this

Modern coffee shops tend to have a chest-height "bar" table sort of seating with stools at it in front of the street-facing windows of their locations. I think this is probably because it's a good use of space inside the store itself, but it might also be so that the people on the inside can stare at people on the outside, or maybe so the people on the outside can stare at the window sitting people on the inside.

Anyway, whenever I walk by a coffee place where I'm close enough to see what's going on in those seats, I'll check out who is sitting there and what they're eating. I've often thought it would be funny to go up really close to the window and start licking the window on the outside right in front of where someone on the inside was keeping their scone. Would they be weirded out? Would they pull it away? Would they offer you some?

I want to find out, but I don't want to have to lick the window to find out.

What is that pile of bricks for?

If your commute or other regular travels take you past the same construction site every day, it's fun to watch their progress and see what they're building. Often times - especially very early on in construction - it's hard to figure out what might be going up, other than to approximate based on the rough footprint of the thing.

I don't like to let things like that stop me, and I'll come up with an elaborate narrative about who the architect was and what they were thinking and what all the various materials sitting around are about to be used for.