I would have enjoyed the sequel even more without the musical number

Adjustments made in pairs

When I'm watching a television program and the device volume needs to be adjusted, I like to move the volume along the even numbers only, and not on the odds. For example, if the TV is turned on with the volume at "10" and it's too quiet and I need to increase the volume, I will increase the volume up to 12, skipping 11. If it's still too quiet, I will increase the volume to 14, skipping 13. Same rules apply when the volume is too loud and the device needs to be made quieter.

I believe there's a comfortable symmetry to be found in even numbered volumes, and a certain discomfort and imbalance to be found in odd numbered volumes.

What if I hold them closer?

How much collective time has our society lost pairing bluetooth devices with each other? It must be many person-years by now. It's a very opaque process. Is the reason these devices are not pairing because they aren't in pairing mode? Do they even have a pairing mode? Are they always pairing? Do they literally not know about each other? Turning each device on and off and on and off and so on is the only real recourse you have here ... yet is almost definitely making things worse.

Fresh off the boat

I was eating a chicken caesar wrap purchased on a train recently, and a note on the side of the package read: "Enjoy thru 2/21/16". Isn't it a little presumptuous of them to assume that I'm going to "enjoy" consuming this wrap? What if I'm merely tolerating it in the absence of better options? What if there's a medical emergency compelling me to ingest lettuce and croutons and it's actually a quite dire situation but there might be some remedy found from eating the wrap? I'd hardly call that enjoying the wrap.

On the flip side, what if I let the food product expire, and I wait until March 1st and then I feed it to my bacteria garden, and I do obtain a sense of enjoyment from watching the bacteria consume the rotten food? In this case I am indeed enjoying the wrap, yet the date is after their suggested deadline for enjoyment.

I don't like people to dictate terms to me like this.

There's probably a patent held for things you can't see

You know how many snack foods now come in resealable-by-zipper type bags? I guess this is true of cat food too. Cat food, jerky, peanuts, probably more.

I think it's great the these bags are resealable, and I think that the zipping technology they employ is just lovely. I find it very stressful to open these bags, though -- I feel tremendous pressure to open the bag by tearing it in as close to a straight line as I can.

You have to tear open the top part of the bag to expose the zipper part of the bag. If you don't tear enough off, you will have a still sealed bag and you'll have given yourself a harder problem to solve because now you have to tear it again to get down to the zipper part. If you tear it too far, you risk destroying part of the zipper mechanism. If you tear it in a wobbly or jagged line, you're going to have to look at that abomination for as long as it takes to consume the bag's food product, and have it serve as a constant reminder of your incompetence.

I've actually considered using scissors so that I can get the opening in exactly the right spot and get it to be very straight. This gets the desired result but it feels like admitting defeat. It's also going to add like 3-5 seconds to the zipper-exposing bag-tearing process, and that's time that you'll never get back.

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