I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab, they've got four more detectives working on the case.

A thing that bothers me
I don't like when people use "Interwebs" instead of saying "the internet" or "the web" or something more accurate. The term is used more or less exclusively by people who are familiar with the correct terminology, and who are then using it to downplay their familiarity with the thing. Don't do that.
What I learned from a podcast
I learned that everything is covered in lead and there's lead all over and everyone who grew up in the baby boomer generation is dumber than they should have been because of how much lead they consumed as children.
Things I'd do as an eccentric billionaire
I'd definitely have a secret room somewhere in the house that had lots of bulletin boards and pictures of people and maps and newspaper clippings, and all of those things would be connected by red yarn and rubber bands and thumbtacks. There would probably be a few pictures of people with a big red X through their head, as though I'd eliminated them from whatever narrowing down process I was in the midst of. The room would be hidden enough that it seemed like I didn't want anyone to find it, but the pictures would be totally benign and the news stories would have nothing to do with each other.
Fear of the day
I went downstairs the other day to find that our printer/fax/scanner device was not only powered on, but that the "fax" setting was selected. We don't have an active phone line in the house, so uh, what's going on there?
A year ago everyone expected a pretty boring election with Hilary and Jeb. Now Bernie is at least not obviously losing the Democratic primary, and the Republican primary is a big circus with Trump in the lead.

I'm very confident that I will be disappointed with whatever happens, but here's a scenario that won't happen which I like to fantasize about. What if?!...

* Trump gets the Republican nomination
* Bernie gets the Democratic nomination
* The "establishment" in both parties are not happy with either of those choices
* Hilary runs a campaign as an independent, and much of the party supports her
* Cruz announces an independent run with wide Tea Party support
* Rand Paul gets the LP nomination
* One of Jeb/Rubio/etc rally the support of establishment RNC folks and billionaires and do that thing

This would be fantastic because these people actually have different opinions about things and might make each other jump through hoops in debates or with policy proposals.

It would also be fun if all those campaigns actually survived up through the general election and were all on the ballots everywhere and someone won the presidency with like 18% of the popular vote. There would be a complete lack of "mandate", and (maybe? wishfully? this is a fantasy, remember!) a clear message from the electorate that we don't really like anyone that much, but we're willing to tolerate some of them some of the time on certain topics, but could you all please stop doing so many things.
New activities for a cross-fit gym
Gym members must walk around the entire neighborhood shoveling the driveways and sidewalks of every house they encounter, but they have to do it VERY VERY QUICKLY.