Are you counting your geigers ... or are they counting you?!

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When I see one of those signs on doors with the word "Caution" in the middle and then "Automatic" curved up top and "door" curved down at the bottom, I read this as one phrase which says "Automatic caution door". Then I stop and think: "hmmm, what is a caution door?"

Of course I realize that the intention of the sign is to convey a two part message with a first part of "Caution" and a second part of "Automatic door". The door installers want you to be forewarned as you approach that you should mind your bearings, as the door is apt to swing or slide open without your having initiated such a thing. It is your mere presence which will signal to the door that it should fulfill it's role in admitting your ingress or egress from wherever it exists.

But still, I like to read it the wrong way on purpose and think about what a caution door is. I don't have an answer yet.

Check out the oil my cadillac spills

In some scripted television and film dramas centering around US politics, there will sometimes be a scene where the president's assistant will greet a visitor at the doors of the oval office and then announce their presence to the president. The person almost always says something like "The secretary of defense is here to see you now", but I think in practice the president would know who that person is, and the assistant would just be like "Yeah, Bill is here for your 2PM" or something more casual.

The phrasing and usage of the official title is more for the viewer of the scene, and less for the in-universe president. That is, from that moment on, we the viewers are now aware that Bill is the Sec Def, even though the president probably already knows Bill.

There's a porcelain cat sitting on top of the dresser in this room

Buying a toothbrush is pretty boring, so I buy them in bulk. A few years ago I was gifted a set of Pantone-branded toothbrushes, each of which has a fancy color, and I've kept repurchasing this variety of toothbrush since then. Each pack has six toothbrushes in it, so it gets me through however long that is.

I like the idea of buying a lifetime supply of things like toothbrushes, but I worry about missing out on any advances that might happen. If I buy them in quantities of like 5-10 at a time, and then some crazy new toothbrushing invention comes along, I'd have to wait at most like a year or so before I exhausted my supply of brushes and could buy whatever the new hotness of toothbrushes was.

On the other hand, if I bought a lifetime supply (lets say 300-500 toothbrushes?), but then some crazy new invention comes out 18 months from now, I'm stuck sitting on all this inventory and I've got to either try to sell it (but seriously, who would even want these once the whatever new thing comes out?) or maybe give it away to the homeless, or maybe turn them into an art project, or who knows what, before I can get into the new thing.