A stack of stickers

The dean of admissions

I saw someone walking around with a "Harvard mom" shirt recently, and it gave me a great idea that people who are attempting to find their hot dates and soul mates should use. I think it works equally well for men and for women, but I'll use a man in my example because that's what I thought about after I saw the Harvard mom.

So here's what you could do. First, go to the Harvard bookstore and buy a "Harvard mom" shirt. Then walk around your town for a while until you see a lady you'd like to romance. Give her the shirt and say "here, I got this for you". She doesn't know who you are so she'll be a little confused and ask what's happening.

Your response is "oh, right - this is for you to wear when our kid goes to college", and that's where this gambit either pays off or not. There's a certain kind of person who will react to this with confusion or fear, and turn down your offer. There's another type of stranger who will see the sheer volume of presumptions (that they would talk to you, date you, marry you, bear your children, mutually raise your children to be Harvard material, wear t-shirts, etc) and really appreciate where you're thinking is at, and probably just roll with it.

A pocket full of fruit

If I worked as some sort of professional therapist or guidance counselor or something, I'd want to work in an office which was effectively a library and had a ton of books around me. At the conclusion of some of my sessions, I'd wheel my chair around, pick a random book off the shelves, and give my subject a "you're gonna want to read this" instruction, no matter what the book was or what we'd been talking about. They might be a little confused or start to protest, and I'd assure them that this book was critical to their progress.