A massive list of spelling errors

Captains of industry

I like the idea of leaderboards, and I'd like there to be more leaderboards for things which no one tracks. I want a huge screen somewhere in my house that just rotates through a bunch of different leaderboards. That way I could observe things like "Hmm, wow, looks like my wife is about to overtake me in the `total number of times a person has used the clippers to prune the grape arbor` category, I better go out there today and get those numbers up!"

These would exist in public places, too. Imagine walking into the subway one day and swiping your swiper at the turnstile, and all of a sudden there are hundreds of balloons that drop from the ceiling, and music starts, and lights are flashing, and a booming voice announces "congratulations, you just swiped your card for the 5000th time!"

Wouldn't that be nice?

Titans of industry

Did you know it was possible to hurt yourself simply by sleeping in a bed? Well, it is. I recently injured my ankle because the tucked in sheets at a hotel were sufficiently tight near the bottom of the bed that my foot was forced into undesirable positions while sleeping, and that's not good.